“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…”

Hey Guys,

Only me.

Can I just start by telling you how bloody tired I am! Last week was madness.. Anthony and I had a break in Lanzarote (which was heaven) and then me and my lil sissy (not so little, shes 17) headed over to Dublin for the day to SHOP. I’m back at work now feeling like I’ve had no break and I’m not counting down the days to my next week off over Christmas… Please go fast.

Remember my last post where I showed you what I made Dad for his 50th? Well, from promoting it on social media a client got in touch with a request for her little girl’s Birthday…



Something a little different

This post is a month overdue but I thought now would be a good time to share with you…

Last month was my Dad’s 50th and I was racking my brain what to get him. It had to be something special, but not something that would just end up in a box or drawer. I searched Pinterest on personalised ideas and there was loads of great ideas!

Cut a long story short, I made him an A4 Ringo Starr vinyl print with the lyrics from Photograph in a spiral around the vinyl. I framed it in a black wooden frame that I bought and he was very impressed.

I really enjoyed designing this and to see it hung up on his landing wall makes me feel really good. I’m going to share on social media as this would be a great gift for Christmas or any other occasion!

If you have a favourite song or know someone that would love a vinyl print like this please get in touch via samanthacampbelldesigns@hotmail.com to discuss prices and options.


Monday Motivation. Yes Please

It’s Monday again. Why do weekends go too fast? Why can’t weekends last for five days and weekdays last for two?

I got my little black book out at lunch time and have doodled some more designs. Remember the floral print? Well, it was supposed to be a daisy but the only resemblance was the yellow centre! I’ve doodled some more patterns using my version of a daisy flower and can’t wait to get Illustrator loaded up and start designing.

I came across a slogan at lunch – “I’m too creative for 9 – 5” and loved it that much I did my own version – This sort of talk gives me more motivation to set my business up. I’m not talking Alan Sugar standard or anything but just a small side business to earn some extra spends and turn my hobby into a business…

9 to 5









Night In Wi’ Bird

Last night I had a night free. Not that I’m Miss Popular but I had time to get the Mac out… Remember Sheep and Elephant? They needed some friends, so I spent last night playing Jesus and created Bird…

Bird Trio

I tell you what, he doesn’t look like much but them bloody wings did my head in! Literally, I’m walking round with a dented head.

I can’t help but think the little yellow chick is more of an Easter character so I’m going to create some cards using him… I’ll show you the outcome soon.

Keeping this post short and sweet because I’ve only got 3 minutes left of my dinner break and still have the Daily Mail Open that I’ve tried to read 14 times…

Hello October

The first Monday in October and I’m sat at my desk in a freezing cold office with tired, blood shot eyes after having little sleep from last night’s weather escapades!

All I want to do is drive my little Suzi back home, get in my new Primark pj’s and curl up on the sofa with my new Wilko’s cat cup and design – a bit like this…

Cat Cup

I haven’t designed for like a week and a half now. This makes me sad. I wish I could be more strict with myself at weekends; I wish I could just write the whole weekend off and hide in my living room designing beautiful cards and prints for my new business. Instead I find myself rummaging through the centre aisles of Aldi trying to buy more crap for my kitchen.

Anyway, I forgot to tell you that I have there is a news update on the greeting card printing issue! Remember when I told you I was nearly bankrupt from all the different blank card I bought from The Range hoping one pack of card would feed through my printer without jamming on me, and I need to find an alternative solution? Well, after contacting one of my Twitter followers and them kindly replying back to me, I’v been in touch with a UK based printing company. Whoop. It’s all too exciting at the minute, but it has changed things slightly.

I’ll bore you with the details. Mr Printing Man said he’ll print my cards but there is a minimum order. I told him I wanted to print on demand as I want to be available for bespoke printing but needs most I suppose. He said I’ll probably need like 60 designs altogether… And there’s me in Aldi every weekend buying shit.

60 designs isn’t a lot when you take into account birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s etc. I’ve already designed a Valentine’s collection which I can’t wait to share with you, or have I? Bare with me whilst I check my recent blog posts… …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

20 seconds later. I haven’t shown you so I’ll let you peak at one. Here.

Go on then. Here’s another.

Guess Who

There was no chance I could have designed a Christmas collection and have them all printed and ready in time so my plan is to send my prints and have them finalised and printing in the New Year and launch my business in the Summer. That seems too far away but it gives me time to wean myself off buying pointless gadgets in Aldi, set up social media pages, build a website and just general marketing research / planning.

Anyway, better log off here now before my boss suspects I’m doing non work related stuff.

Speak soon x





Help Needed. And Coffee.

I’m still at the sourcing stage of my greeting card designing. I cannot for the life of me find white card to fit through my printer. I thought it would be plain sailing. Oh but it’s not. This is the hardest and most frustrating stage of any start up and I bet you all agree.

Naively, I drove to The Range and casually picked up a pack of 50 square white card blanks. These will do I thought. 300gsm white square card… My designs will look fab on these. I got home and logged straight on my Mac to print my first greeting card, but things took a turn for the worse. The first half of the card was fine, the printer was printing smoothly until the last bit… Imagine looking at a see through printer side on, the paper / card feeds through the printer in a ‘C’ shape… Well with the weight of the card it causes issues on the last bit of printing…. You don’t get me do you?

Basically 300gsm is too thick for my printer. That was £5 down the drain.

Back to The Range I went, this time to buy 240gsm square white card. Perfect. No, was it hell… The exact same thing happened. Another £5 wasted. By this time I’ve got nearly 100 blank cards with no use for them.

I’m struggling to find thinner card. I don’t want to use a company to print because I’d have to buy in bulk and that isn’t what I want. I’ve find that Hobbycraft have the card as thin as 225gsm but do I spend another £5 plus delivery to find that this is no good either. Hmmm.

If there are any greeting card artists (digital) out there, please get in touch with an answer or any advise samanthacampbelldesigns@hotmail.com



Sheephant. Revised.

So, I told you that I needed to look at the ‘Sheephant’ print and make the colours more softer. Well that is exactly what I did this week. I drew the two characters again using the same grey as my logo and floral print..

.. And then played around with size and composition to create this repeat pattern..

Sheephant Pale Blue 1800px.jpg

I think the pale blue looks really cute underneath the characters; I did try pink too but there’s something about pink and grey together that I don’t like! I might look at introducing more friends to put into a pattern with a pink background, hmm.