Brief 1 submission

I designed a repeat pattern using short black lines layered onto a thin black checked background and used a mock up of a cushion to composition my final design and here it is…



Early Xmas Pressie… Make it in Design Winter School

Before Christmas I treat myself to an early present..

As you may have seen I’ve not done much designing since I left uni and that was 18 months ago now ): anyway, one day on Twitter I was wasting some time and came across Make It In Design, whom I follow, and they had tweeted about ‘winter school’ which is a  4 week line course filled with creative briefs… Er, yes please!

Straight away with so much excited I logged onto their website and bought my 4 week course which was to start Monday 9th January 2017. Fast forward a week or two and here I am about to start my moodpboard for my  1st brief…

‘Reimagine Tech Stripe’

Your project is to design a bold, digitally inspired
stripe pattern using the following prompts:
  • Draw lots of different types of stripes. Think thick, thin, horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Look on the internet for inspiration (but do not copy!) Be sure to inject YOU into every design
  • Put your stripes into a simple pattern. It does not have to be a technical repeat as this is a beginner brief. Feel free to create your artwork on the computer or traditionally by hand
  • Try varying the scale of your stripes (some big, some small)
  • Use any colours you like or feel free to use the colour palette inspiration that we have provided in this brief
  • We have collated a ‘key words’ list for you. See if you can add to that list and come up with any ideas of your own. Making notes is a great way to spark off original design ideas!

Key Words:

  • Stripes
  • Digital
  • Optical
  • Lines
  • Overlapped
  • Technology
  • Analog
  • Repeated
  • Ergonomic
  • Bold

I’m really excited to start this brief, and connect with creatives just like me. So less chit chat… I’ll let you know how I get on with my moodboard.

Ciao x


Doesn’t he scrub up well

… The hole in his scarf has been stitched up 🙂

I’m really pleased with the snowman, he’s scrubbed up well. James only coloured half of his scarf in and I quite liked the idea of keeping his scarf half coloured. It’s really effective and adds a vintage aesthetic, especially when put into a repeat pattern.

I’ve placed my logo onto each images but this won’t be the case when I print them onto card, maybe I could have the logo at the back of the card?

Snowman 135x135mm

James’ Colouring 

… he couldn’t wait until he got home from his school day to get his felt tips out and colour my snowmen!


I love how he’s kept the snowman’s body clear of squiggles and concentrated on adding colour to his hat, scarf and heart pocket; so much so that he made a hole on one… nothing that a bit of Photoshop can’t sort out eh..

Festive Fun

… And by festive fun I don’t mean I have nearly finished my Christmas shopping!

I’ve been thinking about printing my own Christmas cards this year and my first (and most obvious) object to draw was a snowman…

I couldn’t decide whether to leave him uncoloured, coloured or think of another creative way that would look nice…


During my thought process, I was rudely interrupted by my hyperactive 5 year old little brother who had come up to me with a paper full of coloured squiggles – his attempt of drawing me a rocket launching into space… I could see potential!

What if I left Mr Snowman uncoloured, print him out (have some spare, just in case) and let James colour him in…

I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

Flower Power Continued

Experimentation stage aka messing around with filters and colour balance. It’s amazing that by changing the colour balance and adding a filter (or few) how different this looks from my original drawing.

Now to develop and come up with some prints!!