Up, Up and Away

You couldn’t ride in a hot air balloon at the moment with these weather conditions but you can have either of these dreamy hot air balloon nursery rhyme prints available to order through my Etsy shop.


I always want to offer various colour options for my prints but after trying blue, pink, yellow, lilac and green it was only the blue and pink backgrounds that really stood out. To be honest though, you wouldn’t have a green sky or a yellow sky would you? And I know you’re thinking you wouldn’t have a pink sky either but hey, you’re wrong. Ever heard of that saying ‘Pink sky in the morning…’ 🙂


Officially an Etsy Seller

Yes. That’s right. I’ve recently launched my very own Etsy shop, eek! I am an official Etsy seller. Does this make me a business women, hmm! Don’t be silly Samantha, don’t get carried away says part of my brain!

I’ve never really thought my designs were worthy enough to consider selling but I shouldn’t think like this, I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. With this being said, I am seeing them. On bloody Etsy, I’m so excited. I hope it doesn’t all go tits up.

I told you about my Facebook page didn’t I? I also set up an Instagram page . . . @samanthacampbelldesigns and at the moment am just trying to get my ‘friends’ to follow / like them both, you know . . . Spread the word and all that!

Hmm, what other news do I have for you? Oh, I designed and got printed some ‘thank you for you order’ postcards. They’re so pretty if I do say so myself. What do you think . . .

Thank You Postcards

I wanted to include something on the front cover other than ‘thank you for your order’ and saw the most inspiring quote on Pinterest . . . “When you support a small business you’re supporting a dream! The best compliment you can give is a referral.” I loved it and it fits so perfectly with Samantha Campbell Designs.

I’ll talk to you about my design processes behind some of my prints (hope I don’t bore you) but I’ll save it for another blog post. Because my battery is on 22% and my charger it not at arms reach and I also need a coffee break.

Ciao for now! SC x



Item #1 on To Do List. Tick.

It’s been 24 hours since I launched my Facebook Business Page and it’s got 73 followers so far! I’m so happy with the support from friends and family and I’m nearly at my goal of 100 followers by this weekend. If you want to check out my page, it can be found HERE

You know how impatient I am and I couldn’t wait another week until my friend can photograph some things so I’ve used my downloaded mock up to show everyone the print I did of Twinkle Twinkle… I added blue and yellow as an option too.

Twinkle Banner

**Please note the frame in these images are only ones that I have downloaded until I photograph them properly**

A great gift to celebrate a Birth, Birthday or Christening (the choice is yours) Pick any nursery rhyme for that special little boy or girl. These are made in square (12″ x 12″) and can come in a white or black box frame… Frame is optional.

Monday Motivation = Girl Boss


I didn’t know Monday’s could be so good. Well, not every Monday – just this one… I’ve set up an Instagram account and a Facebook page for my business… @samanthacampbelldesigns if you want to give me a ‘LIKE’ and ‘FOLLOW’

I’ve set up an Etsy shop too. Well, I’ve got as far as choosing a shop name scdesignsuk but my good friend Gary is coming over soon to photograph some products and they’ll be available to purchase from then.. Eeek!

I’m keeping this post short and sweet cause I should have finished my lunch break 10 minutes ago, oops!


“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…”

Hey Guys,

Only me.

Can I just start by telling you how bloody tired I am! Last week was madness.. Anthony and I had a break in Lanzarote (which was heaven) and then me and my lil sissy (not so little, shes 17) headed over to Dublin for the day to SHOP. I’m back at work now feeling like I’ve had no break and I’m not counting down the days to my next week off over Christmas… Please go fast.

Remember my last post where I showed you what I made Dad for his 50th? Well, from promoting it on social media a client got in touch with a request for her little girl’s Birthday…


Something a little different

This post is a month overdue but I thought now would be a good time to share with you…

Last month was my Dad’s 50th and I was racking my brain what to get him. It had to be something special, but not something that would just end up in a box or drawer. I searched Pinterest on personalised ideas and there was loads of great ideas!

Cut a long story short, I made him an A4 Ringo Starr vinyl print with the lyrics from Photograph in a spiral around the vinyl. I framed it in a black wooden frame that I bought and he was very impressed.

I really enjoyed designing this and to see it hung up on his landing wall makes me feel really good. I’m going to share on social media as this would be a great gift for Christmas or any other occasion!

If you have a favourite song or know someone that would love a vinyl print like this please get in touch via samanthacampbelldesigns@hotmail.com to discuss prices and options.